Stan Lee Cameo (Barber)

Stan Lee Cameo (Barber)

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This easter egg appears in all versions of the movie. Stan Lee's appearance is part of an on-going series of easter eggs where he appears in Marvel movies who's characters he likes.


Almost an hour into the movie after Thor has been captured and held on the planet Sakarr, we see him talking to the newly discovered ex-Valkyrie before getting tased for fighting the guards.

After this scene Thor is strapped to a chair and we see Stan Lee as a barber preparing to cut Thor’s hair. Thor at first threatens Stan Lee by stating, “By Odens beard you shall not cut my hair, lest you feel the wrath of the mighty Thor!” to which Lee responds by turning on his mechanical shaving arm and then laughs maniacally as Thor asks him more nicely, “Please kind sir, do not cut my hair…”

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