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Hello and thank you for helping to build and expand the community! Before you submit your egg we ask you read the guidelines below to make sure it's considered an easter egg. Happy Hunting!

An easter egg is an intentional inside joke, hidden message, feature or bonus put into a product or creative work by the developers. They can be found in everything from video games, computer programs, movies, books or even built in as part of a car.

Easter Egg Guidelines

Could the easter egg be considered a glitch or bug?
While sometimes fun or surprising to run into, glitches or bugs do not qualify as easter eggs. An easter egg must be intentionally placed into the media or hardware by the creator.
Would it be considered product placement?
An easter egg must be intentionally hidden. A laptop with a pear symbol does not count as an Apple referencing easter egg.
How long will it last?
Our website index is very small because of this question. You will notice mainly giant corporations are mentioned there because these websites are very unlikely to close down anytime soon. Most forms of media and hardare are pretty safe to submit as they are usually printed or manufactured and therefore preserved through time.

Our aim for this site is to ensure future visitors will be able to find the easter egg on their own. This doesnt mean you shouldnt submit a website easter egg however, if we think the site will stand the test of time we will gladly add it. Try your luck!
Could the easter egg be classified as a recurring location?
Animation studios often re-use locations in their productions, but this does not make them easter eggs, especially if its possible both movies/shows/etc… are in the same universe.

For example, the elephant graveyard found in the Lion King and Tarzan movies would not be considered easter eggs since they are just recurring background images which could be anywhere on the planet.
Is it referencing a location, person or object found in the same universe?
A spin-off series which referencing the series its spun off of (Better Call Saul for example) will ultimately have references to the original. This does not make them easter eggs nor does a reference to something that happened much earlier in the series, as the event happened in the same universe.

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