Dexter’s Laboratory Cameos

Dexter’s Laboratory Cameos

The Powerpuff Girls

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In six episodes of The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter from fellow Cartoon Network show, Dexter's Laboratory makes multiple cameos.


Dexter can be seen multiple times throughout the Powerpuff Girls cartoon series making appearances from Seasons 1 to 4. The episodes he’s appeared in so far are:

  • Powerpuff Bluff (Season 1, Episode 2b)
  • Uh-Oh, Dynamo (Season 1, Episode 13)
  • Criss Cross Crisis (Season 3, Episode 3)
  • Ploys R’ Us (Season 3, Episode 9b)
  • Him Diddle Riddle (Season 4, Episode 4)
  • Forced Kin (Season 4, Episode 10)

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