Operation Metro Photo Booths

Operation Metro Photo Booths

Battlefield 3

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The Operation Metro photo booths are perhaps the most well known easter eggs throughout Battlefield 3 and even carries over to Battlefield 4 by way of Operation Metro 2014.


In total there are two photo booths, both in the area of the B flag while on Conquest. They are the only easter egg in the game that allows the player to interact with it, and though interacting doesn’t do much besides emitting a small flash of light, its still a fun easter egg to play around with every now and then.

To find the photo booths you should begin by heading to Bravo while playing the game mode Conquest. The first photo booth is directly to the right after you come up the escalator from C Flag. Many people don’t notice it however since it also makes for very good cover against enemy fire.

The location of the second booth isn’t very far away. From the first booths location run into the locker room to the right. Continue down the hallway and go through the second door on your left. Once through the door simply look right and you’ve found the second booth (photos of the location are below).

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