Plants vs Zombies Peashooter

Plants vs Zombies Peashooter

Battlefield 4

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This easter egg is found on the multiplayer map Dawnbreaker.


On Dawnbreaker, hidden behind a stack of wooden pallets, there is a small toy of the Peashooter from fellow EA game, Plants vs Zombies.

The toy can only be seen up close when playing on the Chinese team, but if on the US team players can still see the toy through the pallets with a sniper scope, but are unable to get any closer as the area is out of bounds.

The toy can be blown up and will disappear until the next round if destroyed.


To get to the toy simply spawn on the Chinese team and head to the E-flag. Once there, go South East towards the big black building we’re aiming at in the picture below.

Building From E Flag (Battlefield 4 easter egg)
Once there the alley with the toy will be on the east side (the side our cross-hairs are on in the picture above). Simply drive down the alley and you’ll see the wooden pallets near the end.

Alley Location of Peashooter (Battlefield 4 easter egg)

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