Apartment 3C

Apartment 3C

Last Updated: 3/11/2017

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This easter egg is found on the second island in Ocean Beach.


Located on the second island down in the bottom right area of the map players will find an apartment complex known mainly for the helicopter spawn point on the roof. The apartment itself is mainly closed off, as with most buildings in the game, but with the exception of one room… Apartment 3C.

When you first enter the apartment it doesn’t seem like much, just an assortment of furniture, an unopened door and to your right, the bathroom… Inside the bathroom you will find a chainsaw and blood splattered on the walls, floor and in the bathtub.

This is a reference to the movie Scarface where the main character, Tony Montana is taken captive in an apartment bathroom during a drug deal gone wrong and forced to watch as his partner is cut to pieces by a chainsaw.

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