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Frozen Cameos

Frozen Cameos

Last Updated: 2/3/2017

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    Throughout the movie there are multiple cameos by characters from fellow Disney film, Frozen.


    During the scene where Beymax and Hiro are flying through the city testing Beymax’s newly installed jet boots we see them doing loops around a train for a short time.

    If you pause and look closely immediately after they go under the train track for the first time, in the bottom right side of the screen you’ll see a tall, white statue which happens to be Olaf from Frozen.



    During the scene when Hiro is creating outfits for the group at Freds mansion, he tells Beymax to shoot his rocket hand at a statue in the yard.

    During the 1-2 seconds before the rocket hand destroys the statue fans may notice that it’s actually a statue of Hans, the evil prince from Frozen.

    In another scene Hans’ picture can also be seen on a wanted poster when Hiro and Beymax go to report what they found in the warehouse.

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