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Pizza Planet Truck Appearances

Pizza Planet Truck Appearances

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    The Pizza Planet Truck is a recurring easter egg found in most Pixar movies.

    First Appearance

    Near the middle of the movie when Joy and Sadness first meet Bing Bong and Joy begins to chase him down the isles, a golden memory orb can be seen on the ground with the Pizza Planet Truck inside of it.

    Second Appearance

    During the scene where Riley is trying out for her new schools hockey team Anger, Fear and Disgust are in a panic knowing that her emotional state is unstable, which could lead to a collapse of the island.

    To combat this, Fear has the idea of recalling every hockey memory he could think of. In the scene directly after Riley skates out onto the ice, as Fear presses his face to the window you can see a golden memory orb once again with the Pizza Planet Truck inside of it beside Disgusts  left hand.

    Third Appearance

    After Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong successfully depart on the Train of Thought, Joy compliments Sadness on her idea which helped them get onto the train.

    After this they both go sit down in the car where Bing Bong can be seen shuffling through memories. The golden memory orb in his right hand has the Pizza Planet Truck inside of it.

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