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Carl Fredricksen’s Walking Stick

Carl Fredricksen’s Walking Stick

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    This easter egg can be seen in all versions of the movie.


    After WALL-E gets EVE to come back to his home in order to show off his collection of stuff, he shows EVE the television and turns on his copy of the 1969 musical, “Hello Dolly” for her to watch.

    As EVE scans the television for the first time during a dance number on the screen, off to the right you can very briefly see Carl Fredricksen‘s walking stick from the Pixar movie, UP. Carl’s walking stick is very recognizable by it’s 4 legs with tennis balls covering each end.

    What makes this easter egg cool is that UP released almost a year after WALL-E, making this a prediction easter egg; something Pixar is very, very famous for.

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    Adam P
    Adam P
    3 years ago

    Man you guys are really grasping for some sort of something aren’t you? The only similarity is 4 yellow’ish/green’ish balls on a piece of metal. They’re spaced way further apart, the diameter of the pole itself is clearly too big for a walking stick, and there’s a metal plate on the old mans that isn’t on this thing. I have no idea what it is, but it’s clearly not the old man’s cane.

    1 year ago

    Complete nonsense. You get a better look at the item in Wall-e’s home when Eve hits him into the wall with her dancing. Doesn’t take much to see its a completely different item. 5 spokes, not four. Completely different design to Carls walking stick. And based on the items next to it, about the size of a bicycle wheel which would make it far to big to be a walking stick. Looks more like the base of an old office chair with the castors replaced by tennis balls.