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Ask About Illuminati

Ask About Illuminati

Last Updated: 7/14/2017

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    Numerous phrases referencing the Illuminati can be seen in the episode Yuppy Ducks.


    In season 3 of Ducktales during the 3rd episode titled, “Yuppy Ducks”, around the 4 minute mark we find Scrooge McDuck has checked himself into a Free Clinic after coming down with a severe case of itching. All seems well in the doctors office with normal background props and exam equipment, but upon closer inspection everything is not what it seems.

    Viewers over the years have noticed that the Snellen Chart (eye chart) found behind Scrooge as he is getting his examination done had a weird set of letters not normally used in doctors offices, and upon lining these letters up found that they spelled, “Ask About Illuminati”.

    Even more strange is that the message changes throughout this scene showing difference variations of the message hinting towards people who helped create the show, international banks and even includes hints of German according to some viewers. A very peculiar message indeed.


    There has been speculation that since there are so many versions of this scene around the internet that it’s possible it’s fake. To validate this easter egg members of the Eggabase community have confirmed the existence of this background prop in official television releases of the show (Disney didn’t release the last episodes on DVD).

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