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The Simpsons Dolls

The Simpsons Dolls

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    Dolls of characters from The Simpsons appear multiple times throughout the series.

    A Big Piece of Garbage (S01E08)

    When Fry, Lela and Bender are tasked with planting a bomb on the giant ball of garbage, shortly after they land on the ball, among other easter eggs, Fry points out a pile of Bart Simpson dolls (he actually uses the name, Bart Simpson).

    Bender then grabs one of the dolls, pulls it’s pull-string and after the doll says, “Eat my shorts” Bender replies, “OK”, takes the dolls shorts off and eats them. The voice that plays when the string is pulled is also that of the actual Bart Simpson from the TV show.

    Mars University (S02E02)

    During Fry’s flashback to his time in college, when we see the front of the “college”, to the left you can see a game booth with two kids shooting clown faces.

    Potential prizes for winning the game the kids are playing, in addition to a teddy bear, include both a Bart Simpson and Homer Simpson doll.


    Matt Groening is the creator of both The Simpson and Futurama. This also explains the crossover episode, Simpsorama.

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