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Exploding Ship (Hainan Resort)

Exploding Ship (Hainan Resort)

Last Updated: 7/15/2017

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    This easter egg is found on the multiplayer map, Hainan Resort.


    On Hainan Resort if you lie in just the right spot and shoot a lantern with a sniper rifle you’ll be able to destroy the ship seen floating half way out of bounds to the West of the hotel. This in turn will send debris flying around the island that will burn for more than 5 minutes (it’s unknown if it ever actually goes out) and has the ability to kill people if they’re hit.


    To prepare for the easter egg you’ll need to equip the recon class with a sniper rifle (a bipod and 20 – 40x scope is advised) and head to the roof of the hotel (B objective on conquest). If you don’t have any of the advised weapons or attachments that’s ok since there is an AMR-2 pickup rifle found on the roof of the hotel.

    To get on the roof either take an elevator which can be found on the first and second floors, or fly a helicopter/jet to the top and parachute out.

    Once on the roof:

    1) Equip your sniper rifle (or the AMR-2 as shown below) and head to the West side of the roof.

    The AMR-2 Sniper Rifle
    2) Go up the stairs to the upper level and jump onto the small cooling unit to your North.

    Where To Lay and Point
    3) Look West towards the big ship out on the ocean that looks half sunk (pictures below)

    Lying Down to Aim
    4) Aim in and look to the upper part of the ship. You should see a light or lantern on the ship, if not then crawl around until it comes into view. In order for it to show up you must be on the left side (South) of the square you see on top of the cooling unit.

    The Lantern Target
    5) Once you see the lantern you want to position it between the 3rd and 4th lines below the middle in your scope if you choose not to zero in (this is with the AMR-2, other rifles may vary).

    Take the Shot
    6) Fire and watch the fireworks!

    Explosion 2

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