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Donut Spotted!

Donut Spotted!

Last Updated: 7/15/2017

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    This easter egg is found on multiple maps of the base game, but was first found on the map, Downtown.


    First spotted on the beta map, Downtown, players can find pink boxes of donuts sitting on tables in police areas such as the deployment.

    At first glance they seem to be just another prop in the game, but when playing as the police you can actually spot the donut boxes. When spotting the donuts your character will get ecstatic over the donuts and yell things like, “Fuck that donut looks amazing!”, “We’ve got donuts over here!” and “Mmmmm Donuts”.

    Unfortunately the robbers don’t share such an enthusiasm for donuts and if they did they’d all probably be gone by the time they get there since the boxes are destructible. Bummer.

    List of Donut Induced Phrases

    • “Fuck, that donut looks amazing!”
    • “We’ve got donuts over here!”
    • “Mmmmm Donuts”

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