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Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees

Last Updated: 2/3/2017

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    Jason Vorhees is a single occurrence easter egg found in the jungle of Dead Island.


    Hidden deep within the jungle of Banoi there is a cabin with one of the most powerful weapons against common zombies guarded by one of the most powerful enemies in the game. Before attempting to find this easter egg double check your calendar and make sure it isn’t Friday the 13th because trust us, you’ll need all the luck you can get for this one.

    Located to the North-Western part of the map just South of the highway you will find Jason Vorhees’ Cabin (map in the gallery). Hanging around the cabin on posts are numerous dead bodies and if this is your first time visiting the cabin you will see Jason himself out front fighting a group of zombies. Jason isn’t dead (yet), but is instead a survivor, like yourself.

    Jason is one of the hardest enemies in the game and has the ability to kill lower level players in 1 hit. The best time to strike Jason is when he’s busy fighting the group of zombies, because after that he’ll turn all of his attention (and strength) towards the player. He is also incredibly fast and it’s advised to use long or medium ranged weapons against him.

    Dead Island Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees easter egg
    Once you’ve killed Jason head into his house by using the ladder (to the right in the picture) and search around. Eventually you will stumble across Jason’s signature weapon.. The Chainsaw. The Chainsaw does fairly low damage, but is very fast and uses no stamina allowing you to stop special zombies and instantly decapitate or sever the limbs of common zombies.

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