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Experimental Nirnroot

Experimental Nirnroot

Last Updated: 3/11/2017

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    This easter egg is found inside the Brotherhood of Steel flagship, the Prydwen.


    Found in the Brotherhood of Steels flagship the Prydwen, players will find a small crop of ‘Experimental Plants’ where Senior Scribe Neriah, the scientist who asks you to collect viable blood samples, conducts her experiments.

    To some players these experimental plants may seem like a nice bit of produce to pick and consume for a few extra HP points, but to fans of the Elder Scrolls series this is none other than the infamous Nirnroot, a hard to find plant used for various potions including invisibility.

    Nicknamed “Glowleaf” by one of the senior scribes on board the Prydwen, the ‘Experimental Plant’ possesses many of the same qualities of Elder Scrolls Nirnroot. We know this because found near the crop of plants is a terminal which the player can access which explains how the plant only grows near water and glows.

    After finding the crop of Nirn… Um, “Experimental Plants” the player is free to harvest them seeing as how the Brotherhood abandoned their work with the plant due to crew members becoming addicted to it. However, in an effort to protect you, a member of the Brotherhood from addiction, the Mister Gutsy robot in the area will become very displeased that you’ve touched the experiments.

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