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Stripe the Pet Deathclaw

Stripe the Pet Deathclaw

Last Updated: 7/15/2017

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    To access this easter egg players must have the Old World Blues DLC installed.


    After activating the Old World Blues expansion pack for New Vegas you’ll be able to enter a new world titled, The Big Mountain Research and Development Center (or Big Empty for short) by interacting with a crashed satellite which will appear in the drive-in movies parking lot outside of Nipton city.

    Once inside “The Big Empty” if you navigate to the South-East side of the map you’ll come across a hanger which houses a small settlement called, Higgs Village. Upon entering the village head behind House #103 and here players will find the legendary easter egg known only as Stripe.

    Stripe is a bio-engineered miniature Legendary Deathclaw that lives in the doghouse located behind House #103. While he has slightly less HP than a normal Legendary Deathclaw and moves slower than the player because of his small size, he still packs quite a punch and can easily kill players who get caught off-guard by his presence.

    Gremlins Connection

    Stripe is a direct reference to the lead antagonist by the same name in the 1984 movie, Gremlins. This reference is further reinforced by the fact that a chicken leg can be found in front of Stripes doghouse, and as Gremlins’ fans will remember, chicken is considered a favorite among the little monsters.

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