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Lost Hatch and Roman Belic

Lost Hatch and Roman Belic

Last Updated: 8/16/2019

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    To view this easter egg players are required to either gain access to a mini-sub, equip scuba gear or use a re-breather.


    By now everyone should be familiar with the hit TV show, LOST and it’s famous Hatch, a mysterious bunker found deep in the jungle on a deserted island.

    Located to the East of Sandy Shores, right off the coast near the Humane Labs and Research Center and at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean is a hatch resembling The Hatch from LOST.

    The hatch is fairly easy to get to, but is just below crushing depth, meaning once the player gets too close, they have a limited time before they die or the submarine explodes.

    GTA IV Reference

    Once the player gets within a certain range of the hatch they will begin to hear muffled knocking from inside by someone desperate to get out, or so it would seem. This knocking is actually Morse code and has been translated to mean, “Hey, you never call, how d’you fancy going bowling?”

    Roman Wants To Go Bowling GTA IV
    This is a reference to Roman Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV who was (in)famous for annoyingly calling his cousin Niko Bellic (the main character) at the worst possible time (while transporting explosives… during a shootout… in the middle of a new Game of Thrones episode, etc…) and bugging him to go bowling.

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