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Underwater UFO

Underwater UFO

Last Updated: 1/21/2018

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    Players have two options to choose from in order to see this easter egg. Since the egg is so deep below the oceans surface players must have Scuba Gear (only found in single player), the Rebreather (only found online) or a mini-sub which can either be bought or stolen.


    Off the northern coast of San Andreas there is a large UFO that has sank to the bottom of the ocean less than a mile offshore. It is old in appearance suggesting that no government agency or citizen has ever found it (until now) as it has a large amount of debris and plant life covering it.

    The UFO is present in both multiplayer and single player as it is a stationary easter egg unlike other UFOs found in the game. It is also too deep to dive to without a submarine or breathing apparatus, and when diving to it in single player the area frequently spawns sharks. The safest way to get as close as possible to the UFO is to steal or purchase a mini-sub which can help you see the UFO better due to it’s external light.

    After acquiring the required equipment navigate to the location marked below with the “places of interest” symbol.


    Once you’re at the exact position on the map above simply descend to see the easter egg. The UFO itself is buried into the side of a steep ocean cliff and is roughly 3 times as big as the mini-sub, making it easy to find.

    *Hint* If you’re having trouble marking the exact location on your map try facing your character towards a dark surface and zooming in before you open the map. This makes it easier to see the finer details of the surrounding islands and better pinpoint the area. Happy Hunting!

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