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Red Vs. Blue Cutscenes

Red Vs. Blue Cutscenes

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    There are 10 hidden cutscenes that can be discovered by finding and shooting containers found during certain missions.


    The developers of Halo included numerous easter egg cutscenes referencing the famous Halo based web series, Red Vs. Blue, produced and voiced by the team at Rooster Teeth.

    Cutscene 1

    Cutscene 2

    Cutscene 3

    To get to the mission, players should enter the Spartan Op’s menu and start up Chapter 4 – Episode 3 titled, “Shootout In Valhalla”.

    As the mission starts, quickly take a look to the right and look up and you will see a crate balanced on top of a tree. Shoot it with a long range weapon (DMR, Battle Rifle, etc..) and a cutscene will begin playing where you will hear the voices of Ray and Geoff from Rooster Teeth.

    Cutscene 4

    Cutscene 5

    Cutscene 6

    Cutscene 7

    Cutscene 8

    Cutscene 9

    Cutscene 10

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