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Man Trapped In Shipping Container

Man Trapped In Shipping Container

Last Updated: 8/16/2019

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    This easter egg can be found on the map, Kanal. To hear this easter egg you or a friend must be playing an operator with explosive weapons that can be shot or thrown.


    In the far north east corner of the map, Kanal right beside the Construction Site spawn point for attackers players will see a stack of orange shipping crates at the very end of the ship.

    If you shoot these shipping crates with an Ash or Zophia charge (throwing grenades will work also) you can hear a man inside scream, “WHAT’S HAPPENING?!”. If you wait a moment and shoot the container again he will scream, “GET ME OUT OF HERE!”

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    Maryanne Schmeler
    Maryanne Schmeler
    2 years ago

    Person in r6 shipping container is ricky sandoval from ghost recon wildlands

    1 year ago