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Meteor House

Meteor House

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    This easter egg is found in Roanoke Valley. There are no requirements needed to see this easter egg.


    Close to the very north-eastern part of the map in Roanoke Valley, players can find a small, abandoned looking house at the edge of a hill. The house can be seen on your map, but won’t draw any attention to itself since there is no chimney smoke coming from it.

    As you enter the cabin Arthur can be heard saying, “What the hell…?” as the site of what’s happened becomes clear. Inside you will find 3 dead bodies, a mess of broken furniture and a smoking meteor in the center of the floor with a hole in the roof.

    There are numerous bits of loot in the house including the meteor which can be picked up from the crater and later sold for cash.

    If you stand back away from the house and the inspect it, Arthur will sketch a drawing of the house with a description saying, “This house seemed to have been struck by something. A meteor, maybe.

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