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Famous AI Names

Famous AI Names

Last Updated: 12/5/2017

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    Most of these AI references are found in Seasons Mode.


    Found randomly throughout the game players will sometimes find themselves playing against a team of AI named after famous movie and TV characters or real life celebrities.

    Players may also have the ability to choose these AI players as their CPU teammates.

    Game of Thrones

    Players can sometimes be matched up against a team called, “Dragons” who’s members are named:

    • Hound (Sandor Clegane)
    • Mountain (Gregor Clegane)
    • Viper (Oberyn Martell)
    • Imp (Tyrion Lannister)

    Top Gun

    In total there are 14 known Top Gun characters in the game, most of which appear randomly as an AI team named, “Skyhawks”. All known characters are:

    • Maverick
    • Charlie
    • Iceman
    • Goose (Sadly Goose’s car comes with a halo)
    • Jester
    • Cougar
    • Wolfman
    • Slider
    • Merlin
    • Sundown
    • Hollywood
    • Stinger
    • Chipper


    There are a couple of AI characters referencing famous astronauts. Their names are:

    • Yuri (Yuri Gagarin)
    • Buzz (Buzz Aldrin)
    • Armstrong (Neil Armstrong)
    • Shepard (Alan Shepard)
    • Casper (John Casper)

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    4 years ago

    He isn’t as Famous but there’s an astronaut named John Casper and I was just in a game with three AIs: Armstrong, Buzz, and Casper. Might be a reference?

    4 years ago

    There’s a less famous astronaut named John Casper and I just played a game with three AIs: Armstrong, Buzz, and Casper. Might be a reference?