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Donkey Kong Area

Donkey Kong Area

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    Depending on player level, this easter egg can be dangerous to access and should be sought out carefully.


    Found in the Imperial City Sewers, players can find a very familiar bit of scenery from the 1981 arcade game, Donkey Kong if they’re willing to navigate and face the dangers the area carries.

    The scenery roughly resembles the ramp-like levels of Donkey Kong complete with the barrels Donkey Kong would throw at you from the top of the levels, as well as a burning barrel and a pile of barrels at the bottom.


    This easter egg is located in the Daggerfall Covenant side of the Imperial City Sewers north of the Alk’ri Alcove. To better help locate the area we have included a map of the sewers in the photo section below. Once at the location the easter egg can be seen on the western most wall of the area.

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