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Last Updated: 4/11/2017

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This easter egg is located inside Endon's house in Markarth.


Located inside Endon’s Markarth house there is an arrangement of items made to look like Pac-Man eating pac-dots.

Once inside the house walk up a small ramp to your left and look to the bottom row of the bookshelf on the left wall to see the easter egg.

Item Meanings

• A Cheese Wheel for Pac-Man’s body

• A Slaughterfish Egg for his eye

• 3 pieces of Garlic for the pac-dots

• A Bowl of Glowdust to represent a power pellet (it’s also been stated that the glowdust may represent one of Pac-Man’s ghostly enemies since players in Skyrim are required to “kill” wisps (ghosts) in order to obtain it.

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