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Google Keeps It 100

Google Keeps It 100

Last Updated: 9/24/2017

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This easter egg works as of 9/21/2017


When using the Google search engine, users can search for a “Random Name Generator” and Google will provide one on the search page. If you then ask Google to generate a random number between 100 and 100 it will display the “100” emoji. ?

For those unfamiliar with the emoji, it’s generally taken to mean “keep it a hundred” (percent)  which is basically another way of saying “keep it real”.

Step-By-Step Guide

In order to try this easter egg on your own follow these instructions:

1) Go to and search for “Random Number Generator”. Or use this link:

2) You should see the random number generator at the top of the search results now. Simply put in the number 100 for both the Min and Max values.

3) Now that you have 100 in both places click the “Generate” button.

4) Give Google props for keeping it real.

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