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Spinal Tap Rating Goes To 11

Spinal Tap Rating Goes To 11

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    This easter egg can be found in all copies of the movie.


    On if you go to the page for the 1980’s comedy, “This Is Spinal Tap” you may notice the rating, which usually only goes up to 10, actually tops out at 11.

    "Taking It To 11" Meaning

    In essence the expression “turning it up to eleven” refers to the act of taking something to an extreme, and in 2002 the phrase entered the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary with the definition “up to maximum volume”.

    During one scene in the movie guitarist Nigel Tufnel is showing off an amp to documentarian Marty DiBergi where all knobs go up to 11 (with the usual being 10 on all other amps). He explains that they took 10, set it at 10 (the standard) and then made 11 just 1 point louder in case they needed a little push.

    When Marty points out the logic of the setup where they should have just made 10 louder Nigel then pauses and states, “… These go to 11”, essentially creating a meme before the internet had created memes.

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