Saw VIII Hint and Billy Drawing

Saw VIII Hint and Billy Drawing

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In Josh’s classroom on the chalkboard there are multiple references to popular horror movie series, Saw.


Early on into Insidious when we first see Josh’s classroom, on the detention list written behind him on the chalkboard is the name James Wan, the director of the Insidious films and one of the creators of the Saw franchise.

At the bottom of the list of names we can also see a drawing of Billy the Puppet, the iconic clown puppet from the Saw franchise which is often used to communicate with Jigsaw’s various victims via television or “in person” usually while riding a tricycle.

And finally, underneath the Billy drawing is the number 8.  The number 8 refers to the 8th Saw film officially titled, “Jigsaw (release date 2017)”, which at the time Insidious released, was not yet in production nor was it announced. It was originally believed that the drawing, the number 8 and James Wan’s name was meant to signify that there would be an 8th Saw sequel and that James Wan would return as it’s director.

These connections, with the exception of Wan’s director role, have since been confirmed by Wan himself in interviews. However, it is unknown if James Wan will have any role in this movie.

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